The Yellow Demo

by Oshinn

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released May 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Oshinn Whitefish, montana

Whatever a person's reason for playing music, mine is exorcism

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Track Name: Applause!
Applause! Applause!
You can't expect the world not to like you now,
with that crooked smile upon your face,
your quite attractive lack of grace,
you lost all of the weight you had to lose,
and now you're free to live your life just how you choose.

Applause! Applause!
You quick replaced the cooking oil with alcohol,
It would be wrong to claim hypocrisy-
it came as a surprise you see
that everybody wanted you to be up here
to face a monumental judgement by your peers,
and it's the first attention you've been paid in years.

Applause! Applause!
You always guessed that you would once again smoke cigarettes.
It is a triumph in this modern day
that airbrushing can hide the way
the wrinkles are beginning to deform your eyes
and the indie-colored bicycle does nothing for your thighs
and the laughter you emit conceals the lies.

another girl would cherish how
the world knows her by name by now
and each concession she's allowed
is more than she could ask for,
and a better girl would be the stuff
of dreams and that would be enough
to soothe her when the hours got rough and late
but wait, at least you have

Applause! Applause!
A hundred mouths exclaiming what a gem you are.
They overlook your crooked teeth,
the dirt embedded in your feet;
they even think your spectacles are hip, and so
you can be yourself and they won't even know
(and so it goes.)
Track Name: California
So I heard you're going to Berkeley
to visit all the relatives of what was your ex-wife when you first met
in the RV
that you bough to carry both of us across the USA and never did
and that's okay with me
because I'm traveling to San Francisco almost on what could be called a whim
and there's this boy you see
and he's a million better things than you so all I have to say is

Go get fucked in California,
it's what I'll be doing so I think it's only fair.
Go fuck yourself in California-
no one else is going to now that I'm not there.

Did you know you nearly killed me?
I was halfway around the bend because I couldn't even call you on the phone
and you were bad to me-
it isn't right to leave the girl you love so inexplicably alone.
Your wife made fun of me
and it didn't occur to her that you had broken up with her before
for infidelity.
But you can keep the whore, she's not my problem anymore


And so that you're aware
I was only being nice when I said
I didn't mind that you liked Taylor Swift
And I'm compelled to share
that I think that you're a little old to be so pussy-whipped
But that isn't fair-
it's not like you don't care,
it isn't your fault you met a good girl when the bad one was still there
and that you loved her, as far as I'm aware

But still

Track Name: F Chord
It's been three days since I sent you the letter, I wish you would reply and say you love me
And even if you don't, don't leave me hanging, I can feel your presence like the sun always circling above me
Pulling my body upward from the earth only to burn it in the sky
How stupid was I, to think that you could make me fly

It's been three days since I told you my feelings, that you're the only one for me, you know it
And even if you aren't, don't leave me hanging, I would hate to waste my life loving you and never showing it
Every day pretending that things are just the best and that I couldn't care less where you are
And then looking out the night window and hoping that you see the same bright stars

It's been three days since I taught myself the F chord, I'd like to think that you would want to hear it
And even if you don't, I still use a capo; knowing how to play it doesn't mean that I don't fear it
I wrote you this song because I don't have your number and I don't know how else I can say
That if you would be with me, I would make you happy every single day
You say no way, that no one can, but I'd like to think that I would know much better
Just how great a girlfriend I can be, if you'd just answer my letter
Track Name: Selly Oak/Sullen Otto
Skinny, Portuguese and proud
The boy who told me right out loud
he didn't want to think.

Then a necklace, and a note
with some Italian poem he wrote
by hand in purple ink.

Just a dream across the sea
Who hardly ever talked to me
After he fell in love

Now as summer looms I am
sending a thought to Lisbon wondering
what he's thinking of.

Frozen walks and cigarettes
with recessed filters to convince us
we would never die

Perpetually besotted we
would curse and fuck until we sobered up
and closed our eyes

I didn't have wrinkles then and
my youth would forgive me any
tears that I allowed

Now my ailing passion is just
so much tired burlesque before a
rapidly fading crowd
Track Name: A Tribute to That Summer I Changed My Name to Sui Cadere
Tell the preacher that I died but he don't need to anoint me
Tell the fuckers who have wronged me that they should've gone and joined me
Tell my sister that I love her, she's the only one that I could stand.

Tell my mama to stop drinkin, she's the reason why I did it
Tell the jealous girls with boyfriends that they did not in fact hit it
Tell my few remaining friends if they know me then they'll get it
After all, we saw it coming never once thought to deflect it

And oh I, wish I was dead and rotting in the ground
or lying sweetly in a casket with the public saying
what a pity, what a shame, she never played her part,
what a pity,what a shame, she died of a broken heart.

Tell the married men I'm sorry and I never meant to hurt them
Tell the people who are listening that I'm sorry to desert them
Tell the ones who feel guilty that their part really was small
Tell the people who do wonder that I think I love them all

And (Chorus)

Tell the boy who sells guitars that I never did stop wishing
that the girl that he is with now would be kind in her position
Tell the boy in California that I never will stop thinking
Of the meadow that we lay in staring wildly without blinking

And (chorus)
Track Name: Tomorrow
I would give anything you wanted
just to love living again

Oh my love,
no need for sorrow
I'll still be there tomorrow
I'll still be there tomorrow

Watchdog pain never thinks to leave me
Hold it close, kiss it on the mouth

No my love,
no need for sorrow
I'll still be there tomorrow
I'll still be there tomorrow

Lock the door, don't be such a bother
It's all right, no one has to know

Oh my love,
what need have you for sorrow?
I'll still be there tomorrow
I'll still be there tomorrow

Make a list, what else have I borrowed?
This is just the last of our goodbyes

Make a list,
what else have I borrowed?
I'll send it off tomorrow
I'll send it off tomorrow

I'll still be there tomorrow
I'll still be there tomorrow